Current researches

Research carried out on Monoclonal Antibodies

11/05/2011 01:43
A major breakthrough in medical science was the discovery of monoclonal antibody therapy, where antibodies that specifically bind to target cells are used to stimulate the patient's natural immune system to fight against these cells. Various research activites are being carried out on this field...

Medical Research Council (MRC) Scientist advance understanding of cell death.

11/05/2011 01:16
From previous research it has been proven that a complex called "DISC" made up of different proteins which is formed due to the activation of Death receptors, trigger apoptosis by switching on key players in the cell death process. Also it has been discovered that this same complex can activate...

New form of cell death.

10/05/2011 20:32
Peter Kreuzaler's PHD research at the Department of pathology at the university of cambridge, has discorved another form of cell death. Their research showed that cells in the breast die following lactation by a process that involves lysosomes-organelles which digest and recycle cellular...